Tuesday 8 September 2015

Unexpected Shinies

At the weekend we went for a wander around the local car boot sale; with astonishing self control I passed the stall selling nothing but old airfix kits and stumbled across a chap selling a unit of Mordor orcs and Gondorian knights. He wanted 50p per figure which was way over the odds. I tried to haggle but he was unresponsive; I passed on the deal and wandered off. 

As is the way of things I suffered some regret and spent the rest of the time trying to convince myself that I did the right thing. The problem is that I am a big fan of the Rings movies and the Perry sculpts for the Rings range. 

Nevertheless, I went home. 

Imagine my joy then, when She Who Must Be Obeyed pointed out a big pile of LOTR miniatures being flogged on one of those local Facebook selling groups. 

This chap was amenable to negotiation and so I have become the owner of:

So there we seem to have a complete Mines of Moria starter set with the Fellowship and all the scenery. There are also some Haradrim and a few metal characters like the Mouth of Sauron and the Witch King. 

That's a pretty good haul. But there was also...

...the rest of the Haradrim...

...and a couple of Warg Riders...

...and just a couple of Orcs. 

There's all the Moria goblins, a box of Mordor Orcs and a box of Uruk Hai. There's also a blister of Uruk Hai berserkers. 

Not bad for the princely sum of fifteen of Her Majesty's pounds, eh? £15. 

I'm rather chuffed about that. 

The only problem is, it blows my Pledge all to Hell.