Television is rather a frightening business. But I get all the relaxation I want from my collection of model soldiers.
Peter Cushing


Bloodbowl is, by far and away, my favourite game; Space Hulk is probably more tense, but you can grab Bloodbowl out of the box and get going in a few minutes: and I've never had a game that didn't end up with both players reduced to gasping through laughter.

Alas, like many games I owned as a youngling, my copy went walkabouts.

Here is collected the various posts about recapturing my youth which I will update as we play more matches.

The Start

I find my long lost Dark Elves

I get hold of a copy

I develop some team colours

And finalise the orcs and humans

3rd Ed Orc Team

3rd Ed Human Team

I paint up my 3rd Ed Dark Elves after 20 years...

Creating a coach 

Creating a Goblin team

New Edition Orcs

New Edition Humans

And here are the various match reports - which I'm quite proud of.

1st game - Humans v Orcs

2nd game - Humans v Orcs

3rd game - Humans v Dark Elves

4th game - Humans v Goblins

5th game - Humans v Orcs - New edition!

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