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Peter Cushing

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

In Cold Blood Part III

Looking good, scaley buddies!

Sorry for the long radio silence - yet another Ofsted inspection.

However, work has continued apace on my son's Lizardmen - specifically the Carnosaur.

As with the previous one, I set to work with the airbrush. But this time I did it over a white primer, giving a much more vibrant colour.

A couple of filters and pin washes help add a little more depth

And then some purple stripes.

Final daylight colour check on the skin before detailing and the base reveal it to be... well, blimey. A bit on the bright side. 

Helped along the way by having come company when I paint; and, as an added bonus, I found a use for those bloody mantic orcs. 

Here's the final beast with the base and detailing done. 

Overall, I'm very happy with it - and perhaps, more importantly, so is the Eldest. I'll update this with the rider when he's finished but up next:

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

In Cold Blood Part II

The Eldest is very happy with his lizards so I did another two. I wanted to try something slightly different with the skin on the Cold Ones and some different colours with the actual Lizardmen.

And, as I've promised him, I've started on the Carnosaur. And my word, he's a big lad:

Talk about scale creep - here he is next to the original lead Carnosaur.

And here he is with a 28mm warrior of Minas Tirith for an idea of the sheer bulk of the thing.

I will therefore be cracking out the airbrush to have a go at this chap; there's no way I'm going to do him by hand.

Saturday, 4 February 2017

In Cold Blood

My eldest son - and the youngest, to be fair - is obsessed with dinosaurs. Every since I fixed up that old carnosaur he's spent ages in the kitchen looking at it and trying to get hold of it. The same happened with the dragon.

About two years ago he caught sight of the new plastic GW Carnosaur and immediately called it a dragon. Every so often he mentions the 'big dragon' again. Last week I needed a wash and popped to the new Warhammer shop that's opened in town, eldest in tow.

I didn't get the wash because he kept dragging me away from the paint stand going ""Daddy look at this... it's sooooooo cool." The thing he liked the most? The carnosaur. Obviously.

I'm a weak man.

A quick.bit of googling proved that eBay prices for the new carnosaur are not low and that for the price of a new carnosaur you could buy one of the Start Collecting boxes which includes a shedload of figures.


Honestly, he wasn't this excited at Christmas.

First thing was to sort out the colour scheme; the Eldest suggested that he wanted his Carnosaur to be blue, so I had to find a way to do the lizards in a colour that would strongly contrast with that.

Inspiration in hand I cracked on. The basic technique was the same I used on my new bloodbowl teams and the Great Goblin; zenithal prime followed by inks, transparent paints and glazes.

This had the advantage of creating very vibrant colours which is what I wanted for these High Fantasy models - very different to the Low Fantasy middle earth palette I've been using a lot recently.

Trim and details was done picking up on the meso-American feel; lots of gold and turquoise with bright yellow/orange feathers.

Overall I'm very happy with these but I'm going to try a couple more with some different skin tones for the Lizardmen- purple and orange, I think.

The eldest is very happy with them.

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

The Way of the Warrior

These are basically test pieces to see if I enjoy working on them; they are far, faaaaar outside my comfort zone and area of expertise. On the other hand, they can currently be picked up from Warlord for £4 for a sprue of 5.

So here are my first two samurai. As you can see, the sprue is packed with options and there is a lot of poseability in the way you can put the figures together.
I knocked up two to have a play with the possibilites:

And then I painted them. I tried one with a very limited palette and two with the slightly more colourful approach common in the Shogunate:

Overall I'm relatively happy but the details are quite shallow; this will require a slightly more careful approach to brushwork and less reliance on washes and glazes. I can definitely see myself building a small warband although I'll have to spend a bit more time on the next ones.