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Peter Cushing

Thursday 6 August 2015

The Man Who Grins

This was a lovely miniature so I took the time to paint it to slightly better than tabletop standard.

Man Who Grins

Man Who Grins II

I've rather proud of how he came out. Obviously the basing is yet to be decided.

He will function as the boss of a nefarious IHMN Company; now I just need to find some goons to support him.


  1. What an amazing miniature and a cracking paint job Sir.

  2. That is a lovely paintjob!

    If you're looking for some figures that look very similar in their clothing? Try Ironclad Miniatures "Evil Henchman" - though there's always the issue of mixing different companies miniatures, due to scale creep

  3. amazing art work. :) do you also offer courses online for teaching this art work? please do inform me