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Peter Cushing

Sunday 20 August 2017

Hive Karhonnen

I have the usual green flock mats for games on lush worlds, but I was missing some sort of base area for SF gaming. This started out as work for Shadow Wars: Armageddon, but given the news about Necromunda, it's going to serve double duty.

The tiles were bought from  It's a very clever magnetised system which I didn't bother with as I'll be using my own terrain. The colour scheme follows the Harkonnen palette I used before.

Once assembled, they were primed black and the silver was done with some Halfords car paint (a slight warning here, this seems to include some laquer in the mix and so it was quite resistant to washes: weathering of this paint had to be done with powders and pigments). The green was airbrushed on, fairly neatly using masking tape on 3 of the boards and then freehand on the fourth to provide some variety (and disguise that I had two the same).

Weathering was done with a variety of washes and pigments to get it down and dirty like the underhive should be.

Finally, I attached the provided lights. Simple little LED circuits which just needed fastening in place.

I'm really happy with these and I think they'll lift the look of any SF game immeasurably.


  1. Would love to see all of your (considerable) Inq28 collection uploaded here for convenient viewing. Great work.

    1. Thanks! They're all here under the Inq28 and Drift tags.

  2. That looks really good, fabulous idea.

  3. So great. I was tempted by that KS, but I finally didn't get on board. Your work here certainly looks awesome.

  4. That's gorgeous, great work!

  5. I was thinking "wow this looks great"... and then I saw the lights! Wow!

  6. Those LED lights from below looks fantastic. What an excellent idea!!! ^_^