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Peter Cushing

Monday 1 June 2020

God Machine

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"The very ground beneath us shook; the heavens above us thundered. The air around us was ripped asunder, and we rejoiced, for we knew the God Machine had come."

My first major lockdown project was the Warlord Titan to go with all my baby titans. As a large - and expensive - model, I decided to take my time. 

Obviously, as per previous experience, all the weapons were magnetised. 

I took my time painting all the side panel details but realised they would be covered with armour plates; so I magnetised the armour plates to allow them to be added or removed easily*.

Lots of yellow hazard stripes to accentuate the purple. 

I added crew, once again provided from the fabulous stock of Vanguard Miniatures.

This time for the base, I added some painterly details as well as modelling; simply because I had time on my hands!

*in the final piece I ended up leaving these armour plates off at the midriff as I preferred the slightly slimmer silhouette.


  1. That is lovely, smashing work. I'm still puzzled about the context of the submarine coning tower.....

    1. It's the next post. I genuinely have no idea what happened here. My first go using the new interface!

  2. The new blogger interface seems to have messed this post up!