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Peter Cushing

Tuesday 21 April 2015

The Bestest Yard

Construction has halted on the Darkside Bloodbowl stadium as, this last weekend, the Business Manager came across a deal. 

As we know, boxed sets of 3rd edition Bloodbowl go online for around £45-70 including postage. Well, this weekend I had that most wonderful of eBay experiences - someone listed a copy in the wrong place. Bidding was therefore slow and low and I found myself the proud owner of a complete set for the princely sum of £35 all in. 


Miniatures will need stripping but that's no great shakes. All complete including the two star players. 

All the counters and block dice present. One ball missing but I have a couple of 2nd Ed ones kicking about and they're not the hardest things in the world to sculpt. 

Only one roster has been used and the pitch looks pretty much brand new. 

So all in all, very happy with that. 

As an added bonus it still had the original GW leaflet from 98 in it, so I shall leave you with you oldhammery goodness:


  1. Nice find and win - I'm sure you'll make good use of it :)

    1. A friend of mine - boardgamer but not a modeller - is currently constructing a lego human team. This strikes me as a brilliant idea as he can modify the figs to show the special skills.

    2. Any chance of seeing a picture of the Lego team, when finished?

    3. I think you can pretty much rest assured that there will be match reports with copious pictures.

  2. Top stuff. Reminds me that I really must complete my Necromantic Zombie team.