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Peter Cushing

Sunday 26 April 2015

Watching Paint Dry

The Bloodbowl test pieces are more or less done. 

I need to check in daylight to see if the light blue accent works and if the stripes on the trousers are bright enough but as a scheme this seems to work. 

Not sure about the bright green accent here. The other alternative was sky blue which would certainly make the figure pop but would possibly overwhelm the face. What do we think?

I'm generally happy with the detail work including checks and chipped armour for that proper Orky feel. 

There is a certain chunky charm to these old school plastics. They have a lot of character - mainly as I think the sculptors focused on the face as they knew detail would be soft elsewhere. I've enjoyed painting them a lot

Next question is - finish the Lion Rampant retinues or paint the Orc Team while the iron is hot? Your thoughts, as always, would be appreciated. 


  1. Finish off the teams while you have all the colours out (and can remember what they are!) Do one as a test with sky blue and then you'll have your answer. I love contrasting colours, but then again I did my son's orcs with black skin and purple armour!

    1. The colour scheme has certainly produced a pleasing result. I may 'borrow' it in the future :)

    2. Love that colour scheme. Might appropriate that for my Dark Elves.

  2. Krak on wiv da Orcz!
    The bright green looks okay to me.