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Peter Cushing

Sunday 15 November 2015

In the Emperor's Name

Proper photos will follow at the weekend when I have decent light but it got finished at last. 

I'm happy as it turned out almost exactly as envisaged it - with the added advantage that this was three weeks of hobby time for a total cost of £0.00. 

As proof, here's the original sketch I did all those weeks ago:

The biggest change is that CD bases are always smaller than I think once I start work so I had to drop the other bodies as they cluttered the diorama up too much and wrecked the composition. This now, of course, means I'm stuck with an Ork. 

The only real modelling challenge was converting the Ork. I had to reposition the  body and legs as well as the head and this required quite a lot of sculpting - including an entire new neck which probably makes this the only GW Ork in history to actually have a neck. 

There was also the entry and exit wounds along with various entrails. 

A shout out at this point to Mr Awdrey whose blood recipe has been liberally applied. 

As always, thanks for reading along and your supportive comments. 

Advance warning: the next project won't actually be wargaming related - it's going to be another modelling one. All
I will say is - all of this has happened before, and all of this will happen again. 


  1. I've enjoyed following this of FB. It's a smashing piece of work!

    1. Thank you Anne: it's been lovely having having you along for the ride.

  2. This is an excellent diorama. Very well done, sir.

  3. Outstanding! Great to see the plans come to fruition in such a dramatic way, the exit wound is inspired - which probably means that I will have to borrow the idea!

    1. Talent borrows, genius steals, we get it off the back of a lorry, no questions asked.