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Friday, 18 September 2015

Works in Progress

A long hard week at work and so a collapse into painting in front of Twin Peaks was called for. 

I finished painting Balin's Tomb. I'm quite pleased with how it came out. I know that, in theory the books should all be in the Dwarvish alphabet but I went with the mix. 

Thanks to the wonderful advice of Mr Roy I checked out a guide on painting marble. I tried it but, alas, it was beyond my skills. I went back to a more traditional stone texture. If you zoom in you can see that I've kept a bit of the marble patterning under the drybrushing. 

And I know that there shouldn't really be fresh blood, but I like the recipe Mr Awdrey gave me so much I use it wherever possible. 

I also got the basecoat and saying on this chap from the ever reliable Heresy miniatures. I've gone with the series 5 costume for those that care about such things. Mainly, it has to be said, because the series 5 jacket had no checks. The jacket is done here but there's obviously work to do on the rest. 

And I also managed to get most of the paint off the Carnosaur. It took two goes and then the application of a pick to scrape out the remainder. I know I joked in the last post but this really was ridiculously thick. 


  1. Love the tomb and you can never have too much blood. I can't believe the transformation on the Carnosaur already - wow.

    1. Cheers Mr A - and apologies for spelling your name wrong. Next step is drilling, pinning, glueing and green stuff.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Roy. I will have another crack at that Marble technique you pointed me at.

    2. There's no need to on my account. I only pointed out the link when you mentioned marbling.
      I certainly wouldn't be trying the effect myself, at least not if I really didn't have to.

    3. No, I really like the effect. And it bugs me to find something I can't do.

  3. I feel your pain - I too have had to strip metal miniatures of multiple layers of paint in the past!

    Very tidy job, nicely done. He'll soon be ready for a proper paint job!

    1. Thanks muchly. Looking forward to getting paint on it. I'm thinking probably airbrush....