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Peter Cushing

Saturday 5 November 2016

This city was once the jewel of our kingdom

One of the joys of Games Workshop getting restarted with the Lord of the Rings stuff is that they're rereleasing lots of old kits. So I bought one.

In this case, I bought the Ruins of Osgiliath; three sets for £40. I was astonished by the size of the box; opening it confirmed that the impression - these are huge and chunky. There's a reassuring weight to them and it seems clear they'll stand up to the rigours of gaming.

They're also huge. Seriously, this box of 3 sets will cover a 4x4 table easily. Look at how big they are!

I am really pleased with this little lot. I'll have to get some paint on them, but the light grey white stone of Osgiliath shouldn't be hard. I'll probably build the other two sets with slightly different variations to maximise their use on the table. After all, these are great generic fantasy pieces for Dragon Rampant and could even be used in SF Games with some scatter terrain. 


  1. That's some decent looking terrain! GW might have missed out on selling this stuff for Frostgrave, definitely would have been useful for their profits if they'd rereleased them sooner.

  2. I hadn't even spotted they had gone back up - I managed to get 1 set a while back and that was a struggle. Plus is that an actual discount I see on the GW site?

    1. Certainly seems that way with 3 sets for £40. I certainly seem to have got an awful lot of scenery for my money.