Television is rather a frightening business. But I get all the relaxation I want from my collection of model soldiers.
Peter Cushing

Saturday 22 April 2017


They burst out of the mist, but fighting them was like fighting water. You'd try to attack one of them but they'd suddenly turn as though they could see through each other's eyes; they leapt over each other and stabbed beneath each other... it was more like clockwork than eight men fighting. And they did it all in total silence; no talking, no communicating... that was the scariest thing of all.

More Silver Tower goodness.

The only thing to note on these chaps is that they come as duplicates, so all of them were converted to ensure that they were all unique. I furthered this by using four different skin tones.

I then revisited them as I wanted to add some glyphs to their skin - you can see one of them has some test versions on in the above photos.

I decided to go way back to the past to find the glyphs and used the Black Tongue from The Lost and the Damned:

These were then painted on with a variety of the Fluorescent paints from Vallejo, creating a rhythm in colour and glyphs across the group; my idea being that as creatures of chaos they could almost swap their consciousness between each physical body in the middle of combat; so the Acolytes would fight as single gestalt entity rather than single individuals.

Mainly it made them look like they were off to a rave, but whatever. 

Overall, for a very simply method - lots of washes and glazes - I think the results are more than adequate.


  1. Fantastic painting especially on the skins and purples.

  2. Wow! The shin on these is absolutely superb!