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Peter Cushing

Saturday 16 March 2019

Knights of the Shroom

"SNOT FAIR!" the goblin staggered under the weight of the blows.

"Nuffink fair in dis life," growled the greenskin, prying the fungoid treat from the whimpering smaller creature. "I iz bigger, youse iz teeny. You gots it, I wants it, I gets it," the hulking brute mused philospophically before shrugging and casually smacking the goblin back to the ground.

"UNHAND HIM!" The voice, stern, commanding and noble, echoed round the cavern. The greenskin looked up, his rugose brow furrowed. "Who dat?" he said into the darkness, a hint of uncertainty entering his voice.

"You will step away from that innocent and return to him that which you took, or by the Holy Shroom, I will end you."

"Yeah?" the orc laughed. "End me? I can hear youse is a grot. I would be likin' to see you try."

"You can't say you weren't warned. Defend yourself, varlet!"

The orc pulled out a pitted cleaver, still laughing.

...boing.... boing.... boing...

The orc reading himself, chuckling.

....boing... Boing..... BOING

The orc stopped laughing.



The Knights of the Shroom arrived.


This was a really simple job - I became enamoured of the idea of gobboes on squigs as chivalric knights, and so I painted them that way.

The only conversions were the flag and pennant made from tomato puree tube foil to allow posing. Other than that it was all in painting them in quarters. If I do more, I'll start adding checking and blazons and other heraldic markings.

Really enjoyed these but then any day where you're painting a gobbo is a day you enjoy. Here's all the squigs I've done so far; taste the rainbow!


  1. These are great! Such a cool idea and works really well :)

  2. These are so fun! Nicely done!

  3. I totally love them! Bold (and totally right!) decision about colours!