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Peter Cushing

Friday 6 February 2015

Actual Progress

One of the costs of a largely intellectual job is that it's difficult to see any actual progress. So it's nice to show this:

Yes, that's the first unit for the Neville War of the Roses Retinue. The livery isn't strictly speaking accurate but it is a nice 'generic' Lancastrian scheme and contrasts well with the Percy livery. 

Proper photos will follow tomorrow. 

In other news the Dragonborn Cleric is done and ready for painting. As you can see from last time the cloak has been added to the padded collar and fastened on to the pauldrons. The hammer has been finished and the haft cut down. The final touch - given that he is a Cleric of a storm God - is some lightening flickering around his fist. 

This is the next one for the painting table shortly to be followed by the first unit of Percy longbowmen. 


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Tamsin. Nothing compared to your output though - you've painted nigh on a hundred in the time it's taken me to do six!

    2. That's because Tamsin made a bargain at a crossroads at midnight with a dodgy character, I'm sure.
      Your WOTR figures are looking good with that bit of colour.