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Peter Cushing

Thursday 23 February 2017

The Drift [Part II]

Combat Servitor Penitent NX-01

"Does it have to do that?"
"Repent... Repent... Repent..."
The constant mutter could be heard even over the howling of the dust devils and crackle of las fire. The Servitor shambled forward, servo-skull waving like a cobra, picking off targets with pinpoint accuracy.
"Repent.... Repent... Repent..."
"Yes," Smith murmured, looking away from what had once been a man. "I rather think he does."

This new inhabitant of The Drift is a combat servitor constructed from some leftover catachan bits and some gubbins. The key thing I wanted to add was a servo-skull; it was the only clear image I had before I started the build.

I experimented a bit with thin brass rod  - the same stuff I used on the Napoleonic ships – to create some thinner wires. I think I’d like to experiment with some guitar string next time.

The banner was a late addition but I think it finishes him off nicely.

The painting style was another experiment; to create a grimier look for the inhabitants of The Drift.


  1. Very nice. Consider this blog followed!

  2. So cool! His scary aspect, the colours... wow, nice job there!!

  3. This guy is good! The head is a great one, but your entire combination of bits s very effective.

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