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Peter Cushing

Wednesday 22 March 2017

The Freak and The Strongman

The Burgomeister woke up, sweating, breath hoarse in his throat, ragged, panting. For the third night in a row, some horror in the night had awoken him. His fat wife snored beside him; there no comfort there. A cold, high, piping child's voice that had ripped through his dreams and threw him, wet and mewling into the cold night air. 

"His eyes, his eyes! Flies, flies, eat up his eyes. The Burgomeister's lovely eyes!"

He tried to get his breath back under control. But then he heard it, outside in the night. Beyond the village.

The rattling of bars, like a beast in a cage, and a giggling like fat children burning ants.

Something was coming. 


Two more for Dr N R Gull's Patent Medicine and Pandemonium Shadow Show; based off suggestions in the  Dark Age of Sigmar Facebook group when I asked for ideas for the carnival, someone suggested something so horrible that it was kept in a cage. Thus was born the freak.

The strongman was basically an excuse to use Nurglings because who doesn't like Nurglings?

The strongman was a very simple conversion; new shoulders and rotated hands, with a bar made of wire. A head from the ever useful Flagellants box finished him off nicely.

The Freak was more involved as he/it/she was largely scratchbuilt. The Top and bottom of the cage was constructed of plasticard with holes drilled for bars made of brass rod. A little sprue was put inside for structural strength.

Then the freak itself was made from a nurgle arm and a load of green stuff. This was very impressionistic as it was more about suggesting something horrible than actually showing anything. 

Then the sacking thrown over the top was made from Tomato Puree tube, with liquid greenstuff slathered on for texture. 

Painting for both was relatively simple; lots of washes and glazes and a few details to make the whole thing pop. By this point, the palette of the project is pretty much set so colour choice isn't exactly a hassle.

And here's the entire Company as they look at the moment:

I'm pretty happy with how this is going. There are two more regular members to complete - one of which is turning out to be quite complex - and then there's only Papa Doc himself to do. 


  1. I absolutely love these and will no doubt be stealing the Freak's cage idea at some point - do remind me I do so I can give you the credit. ;)

    1. I've stolen enough from you over the last couple of years!

  2. Lovely painting. Suitable disgusting subject matter. What is it with clowns and jesters.

    1. Dunno - but they lend themselves very well to chaosy noodlings.

  3. Haha, this is awesome! Lovely creepy piece!! :)