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Friday 20 April 2018

Jericho Falls

"It was in the final years of the 41st Millennium that the Jericho Reach, an unimportant area at the edge of the Nephilim Sector, became a pitched battleground. A combination two of Adeptus Mechanicum factions vying over Blackstone deposits awakening sleeping Necron forces and the sudden arrival of a splinter of Hive Fleet Kraken exacerbated the existing problems of Drukhari raiders and Tau incursions. The populace of the Reach were powerless to intervene and had to watch as their hitherto peaceful section of the galaxy was ripped apart."

-from Forgotten Wars: the Border Skirmishes of Segmentum Obscuris, Magos Skol, University of Mars Press

As our Shadow Wars campaign at the school club comes to an end, the members have a hankering for some full blooded 40K. I tried to sell them on some fantasy Skirmish, but no, they want the big toys on the table.

So I developed a simple tile based campaign system. I thought I'd stick it up here in case anyone wanted to use it or a variation at some point.

The map above is designed to be printed out on A3; if blogger compresses it nastily, the original can be downloaded here.

The rules pack can be downloaded here.

Note you can change the length of the campaign by changing the total number of victory points required or the number of forces participating.

Hope someone finds this useful!

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