Television is rather a frightening business. But I get all the relaxation I want from my collection of model soldiers.
Peter Cushing

Saturday 28 December 2019


I took advantage of the Games Workshop Made to Order offer a month or so ago to treat myself to some Morgul Stalkers for Battle Companies games.

These were painted entirely with the new Contrast paints except the metallics. This time I experimented with mixing some different colours together or layering them for different skin tones.

They are rapidly becoming a must have tool in my arsenal as they replicate my usual painting method but without having to zenithal Prime or mess about with different thinners.

Tuesday 24 December 2019

My Precious

As part of a second hand deal a couple of weeks ago I got a painted Gollum from Lord of the Rings. He's one of the characters I've always fancied getting just to paint so I immediately set about stripping him.

He's been painted with the new Citadel Contrast paints - very thinned for the skin using the Contrast medium which really allowed the detail to come through. I then used unthinned paint for the darkest recesses. 

 The water was done with the water effects I've been using for the ship bases which I think finishes him off nicely.