Television is rather a frightening business. But I get all the relaxation I want from my collection of model soldiers.
Peter Cushing

Saturday, 18 July 2020

Black Seas

My Lords

I beg leave to report to you our engagements with the Enemy over the last period. Alas, I cannot report all is well. 

The first engagement happened off Flamborough Head when Captain Pellew of the Stallion - a nimble and fleet 32 gun  - came across a fifth rate Frenchman. We believe it to be L'Etoile out of Brest. The wind gauge was 'gainst Pellew but he tacked to bring himself about and launched a broadside against the Frenchman, damaging her rudder. Alas recovering from this brought him into the wind and his crew were unable to tack before L'Etoile came about and launched a broadside into the Stallion's stern causing a fire to break out. although the Jack Tars of Stallion fought the blaze valiantly, the flames reached the powder magazine and that gallant vessel exploded with the loss of almost all hands. 

The second engagement was Captain Aubrey of the Surprise, ordered to escort Hercules, an Indiaman, bringing much needed supplies. He was set upon by privateers in three brigs. The Surprise drove forward and presented herself between the buccaneers and their prize, delivering broadside after broadside. They swarmed her and she took heavy damage but purchased enough time for the Hercules to escape their clutches. 

I commend Captain Aubrey to you, my Lords, and warrant that our command shall do better in future. 

I remain your humble and faithful servant, 

Commodore Alfred Pennyworth. 


Finally got Black Seas to the table and it is enormously good fun. Rum was drunk and stories were created. Highly recommended if you're after a fun game rather than a simulation. 

Saturday, 6 June 2020


The lost watchtower of Amon Sul. 

Another piece of Middle Earth scenery, this time a hard foam product from Ziterdes bought from Mighty Lancer games. It arrives ready painted and with flock attached but the paintjob is really just a grey spray. 

Fine for pick up and play - but we can do better. 

First a quick highlight drybrush and then a black wash. Then some more drybrushing and it's already looking good. 

Then some weathing pigments, fixed in place with airbrush thinner.

And then some modelmates Moss effect

And finally a few grass tufts to finish. 

The ForgeWorld one costs a couple of hundred quid. I reckon this one looks pretty good for 35 or so. I'll definitely have a look for some more of their stuff. 

Wednesday, 3 June 2020

Das Boot (Redux)

After the major project of the Warlord Titan I needed a quick palette cleanser do knocked off the U Boat from Cruel Seas. Really simple and done with the same sea base as my other naval work. 

Monday, 1 June 2020

God Machine

Edit: the new blogger interface seems to have rearranged the entire post so none of the pictures are in order. 

Sorry! Post text is at the bottom.

"The very ground beneath us shook; the heavens above us thundered. The air around us was ripped asunder, and we rejoiced, for we knew the God Machine had come."

My first major lockdown project was the Warlord Titan to go with all my baby titans. As a large - and expensive - model, I decided to take my time. 

Obviously, as per previous experience, all the weapons were magnetised. 

I took my time painting all the side panel details but realised they would be covered with armour plates; so I magnetised the armour plates to allow them to be added or removed easily*.

Lots of yellow hazard stripes to accentuate the purple. 

I added crew, once again provided from the fabulous stock of Vanguard Miniatures.

This time for the base, I added some painterly details as well as modelling; simply because I had time on my hands!

*in the final piece I ended up leaving these armour plates off at the midriff as I preferred the slightly slimmer silhouette.