Television is rather a frightening business. But I get all the relaxation I want from my collection of model soldiers.
Peter Cushing

Saturday, 4 August 2018

The Company of Thorin Oakenshield

I've been chunking away at getting these painted for my eldest. As always with Middle Earth miniuatures I've thoroughly enjoyed painting them although tracking down good reference shots for the whole costume has been a little tricky. I'm not done yet but I'm getting close to halfway.




I'm particularly proud of his tattoos on his head



And, of course, they need someone to hunt them: Azog.

This last was my first experience of Finecast. It will also be my last.

Friday, 3 August 2018

Tom, Bert and William

I picked these up second hand for my son - as they're his favourite things from both the film and the book of the Hobbit - and set about painting them up.

I painted them in a similar way to the Goblin King with layers of skin glazed on to top of each other to give some depth. Overall, I'm very happy with how they came out.

I also dug out and finished up some Fighting Uruk Hai for the new Lord of the Rings rules.

Thursday, 2 August 2018

The Exorcists

This is the first of the Stormcast Warbands from the Soul Wars box set. Because they were going to be going to war against the undead, I used a colour palette from the Exorcist - basically a catholic vestments look of black, white and purple for the surplices. Simple, fast and effective.

Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Courtiers of the Harrowed King

These are the undead followers of the Harrowed King.

My idea here to ensure that the palette didn't become too monotonous was that the Dead of different realms would look different; so the dead of the Realm of Fire would be fire wraiths, the Realm of Life would a vibrant green and the realm of Shadows would be a murky mist. I couldn't think of anything from the other realms that wouldn't require gross physical reconstruction which I will do for any of my own undead that I end up getting.

Sunday, 29 July 2018

The Headsman of the Harrowed King

If you wake at midnight, and hear the blade do scrape,
Don't go drawing back the blind, or looking past the drape,
Them that sees no secrets they isn't going to die.
Watch the wall, friend, while the Headsman goes by.

The right hand man of the Harrowed King in life, the Headsman followed him into the shadows. Now he reaps those who cross the Harrowed King, bringing their spirits into the service of His Silent Majesty. 

This is the second warband leader made the from the Soul Wars Box. No conversion and a very simple paint job making a lot of use of the new Nighthaunt gloom technical paint. I'll explain a bit more about this paint another time as it's proving to be very useful.

Friday, 27 July 2018

The Court of the Harrowed King

"His Kingdom lay vast around
Dust and ash and bone;
Shadows curled and drifted 
Where the High King Fell."

Some say he sold his soul for power; others that he sold his people into eternal bondage to save himself. Some say that his fate was a punishment for cowardice, others that it was the cost of vainglory. Whatever the truth, his name is lost to the mists of the Realm of Shadow and now he haunts the ruins of the Sorrowfells with his court in tow. 

The school games club goes from strength to strength: next year we will be running Battle Companies, Kill Team and Age of Sigmar campaigns concurrently. I managed to scab a bit of funding together and bought the Soul Wars box for the school to create a few Skirmish Warbands.

This is the leader of the first, built straight from the box.

Fabulous figure. Really enjoyed painting him. 

Sunday, 17 June 2018