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Peter Cushing

Sunday 21 February 2016

Ringstone Round

"Huffity, puffity, Ringstone Round,
If you lose your hat it will never be found, 
So pull your britches right up to your chin, 
And fasten your cloak with a bright new pin, 
And when you are ready, then we can begin, 
Huffity, puffity, puff!"

I got hit by a fairly nasty dose of Half-termitis and so, after finishing the Space Hulk miniatures I foudn myself lacking the motivation to launch into the Dragon Rampant stuff.

I am aware that my terrain is quite history based - with some SF thrown in - and what I lack is decent fantasy stuff. You know what I mean - proper forboding, looming stuff. Inspired mainly by insane jealously triggered by Gordon's fabulous battle report I decided to cobble together some simple scenery.

As per usual, the two main divers were cheapness and speed; thus standing stones based on 2p.

Good old blue foam. These were simply offcuts kept from the In The Emperor's Name vignette. 

 Black undercoat and then drybrushings of blended greys up to white:

Giving this final effect:

I also had some leftover slate from a fossil-hunting expedition with the Eldest so I've started to cobble together a sacrificial altar, a la Caesar. 

Not bad for an hour sitting in front of I, Clavdivs. 


  1. Ace standing stones...can't wait to see the sacrificial altar! One thing, though...the first paragraph seems to have an issue with the text and background colours...I could only read your very kind words (thanks :D ) by highlighting the whole thing.

    1. Or maybe it was my laptop as it now seems fine! Doh!

    2. Nope, the quote from Quatermass buggered the whole thing up! You must have reloaded after I edited it.

  2. Nice standing stones! I like this idea of individual stones that can be arranged as needed. I think I'll have to cobble some up myself.
    Gordon's battle reports look fun, too! I like his use of single model units and reduced model units and the comic book reports. Might have to seal a page or two from him as well. :)

    1. I've put together loads of different reduced model lists. I love DR! - just don;t have enough time to play as much as I would like.

  3. Now they certainly look the part, cracking job - can't wait to see the sacrificial alter complete.

    1. Just finished it; waiting for the glue to dry before I add the blood. I've decided to go with Julius Caesar's melodramatic reports.

  4. Ooh, another 'must copy' idea!
    Though, in my case in 10mm :)

    Great stuff.