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Peter Cushing

Friday 8 April 2016

The Wehrmacht and Excellent Customer Service

a couple of bits and pieces here. First off, my new WW2 rules arrived from the chaps at Great Escape Games.

Most splendidly, there was a slight problem with the order and I received the wrong set of command tokens. But those wonderful people at GEG sent me the correct ones and let me keep the originals. Fabulous customer service and a guarantee that I'll be shopping with them again. I'll do a full review of the rules after the first game.

Having now got some rules, I now needed to pull my finger out and finish the German force. First up was the armoured support, a couple of STuG by Battlefront I had kicking around. Done in the now infamous dunkelgelb, aka the most hideous colour known to man, I had to do the markings on theses by hand as well.

I also got the last few infantry detachments done, so I now have a 400 point German force for Iron Cross:

I also grabbed a simple little Zveda 1/100 kit for the princely sum of £2.50 to act as an objective. If you see any of these new little kits, by the way, grab them. I think they've set up for some odd little wargame of their own devising but they are fabulously detailed. Here it is under construction:

And the last little thing is more progress in the Memoir 44 campaign. We've now reached Sword Beach and I'm still loosing!


  1. I shall look forward to hearing more about Iron Cross.

  2. This all looks rather interesting, but I must resist the temptation to start yet another project!

    1. Do you have a Boyes store anywhere near you?