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Monday 1 August 2016

Dungeon Crawl

Had a bit of trouble painting because the Eldest won't leave me alone. So I grabbed the Dungeon tiles I made, the poly dice I'd bought for him and did a quick dungeon bash.

In the first one, he had to rescue the king's crown that had been stolen by bandits. 

"Can I smack him Daddy?"

Rolls dice. Compares results. 

"He's dead! Does he have the crown?"

Killing people and nicking their stuff. He's an RPG natural. 

It worked quite well as he has having to remember that the different numbers were and which ones were higher and lower than the others. In the space of ten minutes he was more secure with quite a few numbers. 

This morning he asked if he could play again. 

I asked him if he wanted to be a ranger or an elf (I had a few Lord of the Rings miniatures kicking about). He chose a ranger; proof that he has good taste and will avoid namby pamby elves. 

This time he trying to rescue the King's Wizard. 

Opening the door of the dungeon. 

Pondering his next move. 

The next move being, of course, ATTACK!

And at the end of his trail of carnage, he defeats the evil sorcerer and rescue the wizard. 

Again, he made real progress with the numbers so as well as being fun it had educational value. Or at least that's what I'll tell his mother while I buy a load more stuff to stock a dungeon. 


  1. The young chap's a natural! I was thinking of introducing my kid's (10 and 7) to Dungeons & Dragons this Summer...

  2. I'm using my own cobbled together system but the new 5th edition D&D is well within the grasp of a ten year old and certainly a 7 with help.

  3. Wonderful, but you do realise that this is only the beginning.

  4. "Or at least that's what I'll tell his mother while I buy a load more stuff to stock a dungeon." hahahahah cash in while you can, they grow up and then you are buying them loads more stuff and your own sadly cant be justified as easily. Regardless well done sir.

  5. Top job! I only wish it worked the other way around and I could get my pensioner father to take up the hobby and provide me an easy opponent :)