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Peter Cushing

Wednesday 25 January 2017

The Way of the Warrior

These are basically test pieces to see if I enjoy working on them; they are far, faaaaar outside my comfort zone and area of expertise. On the other hand, they can currently be picked up from Warlord for £4 for a sprue of 5.

So here are my first two samurai. As you can see, the sprue is packed with options and there is a lot of poseability in the way you can put the figures together.
I knocked up two to have a play with the possibilites:

And then I painted them. I tried one with a very limited palette and two with the slightly more colourful approach common in the Shogunate:

Overall I'm relatively happy but the details are quite shallow; this will require a slightly more careful approach to brushwork and less reliance on washes and glazes. I can definitely see myself building a small warband although I'll have to spend a bit more time on the next ones.


  1. They look pretty tidy to me and at that price it is difficult to say no.

    1. That's kind, Mr. A but they are not up to my usual standard. Got a bit lazy due to being spoiled by the middle earth Perry sculpts!

  2. Phenomenal work - I may have to do a Samurai army once my Teutons are complete!

    1. Thanks Bill. Looking forward to seeing them