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Saturday 16 February 2019

Kill Team Morbis

"They'd sealed off Orbital Sector Regulus a couple of months ago to try and stop the spread of the outbreak. Hansen's Pox was pretty virulent, and it was felt that the loss a couple of thousand souls was better than risking it engulfing the whole Starport or - worse - it spreading to Hive Karhonnen. 

"They listened to the cries for help and the banging on the pressure doors fade. After a few weeks, it seemed the infection had run its course. But then the banging started again. And where the those massive doors were struck, they bulged.

"It was on the sixth week that the doors were breached and the Sepsis burst through. Spraying bile and inchor with hideously grinning faces they lurched into the Sector Primus. The air was thick with miasma and screams. But worst of all was what thundered out of the smoke; massive figures clad in supperating armour, like space marines who had succumbed to the Pox, five monsters strode forth to bring their gift of disease to all."

-from The Fall of the Orbital Usher, M41.256

I've been having a serious loss of hobby mojo for reasons I couldn't really place, so I needed a quick palette cleanser. Luckily, Kill Team always provides an excuse to knocks something fun up. These are a simple build up of the miniatures that came with the Conquest magazine and a couple of Death Guard bits from the bits box at work.

The only conversion on these was this one plague marine where I build a new hand using some Dryad bits and some greenstuff tendrils. Everything else was built as is for speed.

Painting was my usual Nurgle recipe: slightly rotten flesh tones and then a variety of different coloured washes for tone. Here I added some bright green for that really pustulent look.

Very happy with these for a couple of days work, and feeling recharged and ready to paint some more stuff. Best of all, if all things go according to plan, Kill Team Morbis will be meeting the Church of the Devoured in a game next week!

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