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Peter Cushing

Sunday 1 March 2020


POST 400! Seems nice to celebrate with a finished project.

Quite some time ago I bought the Warcry box set and it's been a project that's been ticking over in the background. I finally got the scenery and the first warband finished so it seemed like a good time to put it on the blog.

The scenery is lovely. I chose to go with a jade look which I achieved with an airbrush for the two base coats - brown at the bottom and then green at the top - and then successive dry drybrushes of green with more and more ivory mixed in. The metal was just washed with black and then rusted. I added some moss to help with the ruined feel.

I also painted the Iron Golems. Given that their heads in mind of diving helmets, a sea-based palette seemed in order. 


We had our first game and, surprising no one, my eldest aged 7 managed to pummel my arcanites into the ground. 

Breaking news - it's a very good game. 


  1. That looks absolutely amazing!

    1. Thank you, sir. Love having a well painted bit of terrain to play on.

  2. Scenery looks amazing! I totally agree about the Warcry rules - really fun and very slick.

  3. Very nice work! That terrain looks great.

  4. Looks absolutely fantastic. By all accounts Warcry is a fun game too, and the terrain/warbands they're putting out for it are brilliant.

  5. Interesting choice on palette for the ruins. Love the terrain pieces being produced for this game. Excellent work!

  6. Hmm, that scenery looks super interesting in that palette. Congrats on the 400 milestone!

  7. 400 ... wow. Congrats. That is also some cool looking terrain for sure.