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Peter Cushing

Thursday 9 April 2015


Some of you may remember my 40th Birthday post from last year where I laid out my plans to stave off middle age. One of my aims was to start playing Blood Bowl again.

As previously mentioned, I'd found my old Dark Elf Team and - thanks to the wonderful Roy - measurements for all the various components. But then!

What should I find, again, long thought lost, but these beauties:

(Apologies for the photos, deep in the pile of stuff that was in storage)

So that gives me a pitch (which I can use as the basis of my own), a range ruler, a scatter template, full human, Orc, dwarf and elf teams. The only things missing are the dice and the fact that the dugouts are missing some of the 3rd edition gubbins. This is a massive time saver - it also means that, thanks to the NAF locating me a copy of the 3rd edition rules, I'm more or less ready to start playing. HUZZAH!

Of course, it also means more to paint...