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Peter Cushing

Wednesday 15 April 2015


So this is the start of Project Blood Bowl, I suppose. 

I have the old pitch and templates but I know they're slightly small for the 3rd edition rules and onwards. 

So I might buy a newer pitch in or build one. 
The one thing I know I definitely want to build is the dugout - that's the bit that allows the most scope for modelling. 

As always, it starts with sketches

And then scale plans. 

Armed with these, I cut some offcuts of 3mm mdf to size 

And spend a princely £4.25 on eBay to acquire some rather nice precut polystyrene bricks. 

A quick half hour later and we have 

At this point, I face a Design Dilemma. The original plan meant that the reroll and turn tracker would sit onto the top of the dugout for storage like so: 

However, poking through the bits box that the Fragrant Lady West bought for me ages ago gave me lots of other stuff to work with. So did I stick with the original plan or cover the dugout with spiky bits?

It's Bloodbowl. I spiked the Hell out of that thing. 

The broken flagstones are snapped bases from the Perry War of the Roses plastics. 

Tomorrow I'll add some sand for the floor and finish off the turn tracker etc. 

Total cost of the dugout is currently £4.25 for the bricks. Everything else is from the bits box. 

As always, thanks for your support :)


  1. Looking good, so far. But how many times do you reckon you'll stab yourself on those spikes while playing? ;)

    1. Frequently - but the blood will simply add to the Bloodbowlness of it all. Blood for Nuffle!