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Peter Cushing

Friday 5 June 2015

A Fistful of Wood

Having all these cowboys painted doesn't do me much good unless I have a game to play. As I'm a bit short of the old dineros at the moment, A Fistful of Lead at a mere $6 is a more attractive proposition than Dead Man's Hand which requires a little more of an outlay. I'm intending to pick up Dead Man's Hand as I like the idea of the cards doing special things as well, but from a first read through I'm quite happy with the rules for aFoL.

There are a few paper counters included in the rules for keeping track of wounds an' ammo an' such like, but that's not really in keepin' with that there frontier aesthetic. So an offcut of wood from a fence repair in the garden and a bit of a faff with the laser cutter at work gives us these beauties:

Fistful of Lead}

So the plan is to get the rest of the posse painted and then knock together some cheap and cheerful scenery and then we'll have ourselves a good old fashioned shootout.

And to make up for the lack of painted miniatures, I'll leave you with some photographs I took a year or so ago:

 The Time of the Preacher: The Lesson's Begun

 Time of the Preacher: The Lesson is Over

The gunslinger there is the man who helped we out with the laser-cutter, by the way.

Some painting for the weekend promise!


  1. Very nice (and thematic) wooden counters there!
    (makes me think of wooden nickels)

  2. Brilliant and you've got me thinking of our nice man at work with a laser cutter and some Penguin templates!

    1. One of the joys of working in school is the wide array of toys that are available... :)

  3. Ooh, grainy.
    Well, I couldn't say shiny. They ain't lead after all! :)

    I will be watching with interest.