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Peter Cushing

Wednesday 3 June 2015

I'm your Huckleberry...

Tombstone had a massive impact on me in the halcyon days of university. It's still one of my favourite westerns. I am happy, therefore, to show my latest nearly complete miniature;

Like the other Artizan minis, it's a fantastic likeness and I hope I've done it justice. I'll admit frankly that I stole the sallow skin look from Mr Awdrey's Penguin.

Next up is another Artizan sculpt, this time of Wild Bill Hickock from Deadwood, seen here on the left:

This time I took inspriation from the colour palette but went with a similar feel on on the waistcoat to Doc. Although I fancied it up a bit; the man's a legend, after all:

Finally, the first of the Black Scorpion shots, The Preacher:

A lovely sculpt but I really dislike the resin they use. It has a slightly gritty texture which doesn't do the flowing lines of the figure any favours.

I'm aiming to get these based and finished for the weekend, along with a few more, so expect proper pictures then. As always, thanks for stopping by. 


  1. Nice one.

    I bought some Black Scorpion last year (previously never having bought resin) and the shock I received has made me not buy resin soldiers since. The resin for terrain is okay (from Ainsty Castings or Peter Pig) but the Black Scorpion resin made me want to thrown the figure away in frustration. I just couldn't get the primer and then undercoat to paint onto the figure. I can't remember if I pva coated the model first, as I usually do with resin. Either way, I had such a struggle to get the paint to cover.

    1. I didn't have a problem with primer; but then I use Halfords grey and that bad boy sticks to EVERYTHING. It's like gaffer tape.

  2. Very nice work, H. Gun-toting preachers always bring a smile to my lips, as does being reminded of Tombstone, such a great film. Seeing work like this almost always tempts me to do Wild West gaming. Bravo.

    1. To be fair, Padre, that's pretty much what I imagine your work outfit is like.