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Peter Cushing

Saturday 30 May 2015

True Grit

I've been watching a lot of Westerns while I've been painting this week because, Hell, who doesn't like a good western?

As part of my digging around in the garage I located the last set of miniatures I was painting before the birth of my firstborn, 3 years ago. They are a sorry-lookin' collection of half-painted cowpokes and desperadoes from Black Scorpion and Artizan.

Here's the photo taken way back when:

A Good Day

I've started catching up with them - I've already posted big Al:


And yesterday I sat down to watch True Grit (the original version, although Lord knows I do love them both) and painted the Duke in his Oscar-winning turn as Deputy US Marshall Rooster Cogburn:

Rooster (2 of 2)

As an interesting aside, I really need to stop using the big macro lens to shoot my minis as it makes the brushwork look horrible:

Rooster (1 of 2)

So the next step is to paint a few more; I have the Artizan Doc Holliday and Wild Bill to do as well as the Black Scorpion generic chaps.

Can anyone recommend any good Western rules...?


  1. I haven't played either, yet, though I do own them.

    Wargames Foundry - The Rules With No Name aka. a fistfull of dice.
    These seem to be scenario driven and there is no option to create 'gangs'. I haven't a clue as to how players choose what figure to use, actually. There is some useful rules in the book, however.

    Great Escape Games - Dead Man's Hand. The cowboy rules that are en vogue at the moment.
    Simple. Fun. Gang creation and experience accumulating (like Blood Bowl, Necromunda or Mordheim). There is a wealth of internet information on these rules, youtube has videos.

    1. Thanks, Roy. I have Legends of the Old West kicking around and A Fistful of Lead. I'll have a look at Dead Man's Hand.

  2. Your Duke/Marshall Cogburn looks great! And eminently recognizable. Sorry, I don't know about rules for the genre. Last time I played any Westerns was some sort of board games probably back in the 1980s (a game by Avalon Hill, I think).

    1. Thanks Fitz. The Artizan sculpts are as good as the Perry Lord of the Rings for capturing likenesses. I'm really impressed with their Val Kilmer Doc Holliday as well. I might have to treat myself to the Good, The Bad and the Ugly.

  3. Ye-ha, some mighty fine work there Sir.