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Peter Cushing

Saturday 1 November 2014

Paint Table Saturday - almost done

I actually managed to get some painting done on a Saturday for once, which means I get to use this fabulous graphic designed by someone much more talented than I.

So, we're at the point where the painting is more or less done apart from a couple of buckles, pupils and some gore (using the recipe provided by the always helpful Lord of Awdrey Towers). The next couple of sessions will be on terrain; this time, having painted the miniatures I'll be doing the setting to match their palette rather than the other way around as I did with the last lot. The idea here, though, will be to use some static grass to provide a quite bright background to give contrast to the dark figures. That's the plan, anyway.

So, here's the stout, God-fearing men:

 And here's the undead horde:
 And here's the wittyly anachronistic Ainsty Castings gravestones

 Last few compositional experiments before settling on the final layout:

 The most annoying thing is that on these photos I can again see mould lines that I missed. I must take more care on the prep next time. Thankfully the next project is a couple of single miniatures so I'll be forced to concentrate on the details rather than the overall effect.

Oh - and this post marks another Milestone: I've just passed 1000 page views. Thank you all for your continued support.


  1. Is the first picture (the God-fearing men) belonging this post missing?

    Either way, well done on the milestone and if you keep posting stuff as good as you are I'm sure you'll be receiving many, many more pageviews.

    1. Oops - should be fixed now. Good spot. Thanks for the kind comments - and if there's any more room in the blog game...

    2. Playing position number seven has your name upon it. Many thanks.

  2. If the rest of the vignette will look as good as your figures I'm pretty sure it'll be a blast.

  3. Absolutely superb! The painting looks wonderful, can't wait to see it with bucket loads of gore. ;)

    1. I popped out to the model shop and grabbed some clear red yesterday - have you read the label on that stuff? It seems like it should be sealed in vats at the bottom of the ocean!