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Peter Cushing

Saturday 8 November 2014

Still here - and still suffering...

...from shinybloodyitis.

I've got through yet another Ofsted - the joys of Special Measures are unbounded; truly, 'tis the gift that keeps on giving - and rewarded myself by having a little splurge on ebay. Having decided - with your help - that I'm going to build my Bloodbowl kit, I figured that I could spend the money I'd earmarked for Bloodbowl on something else. After all, the money had already been spent, theoretically speaking.

Some fast talking appeared to convince She Who Must Be Obeyed of the logic of this position (or else she simply wanted me to shut up so she could get back to watching Judge Judy) and so I have now found myself the proud owner of this:


For the princely sum of not very much at all.

Space Hulk in a dungeon, basically. The added advantage is that SWMBO is a fan of dwarves so she'll probably play this with me.

I've never had any Mantic miniatures before but I have to say based on this evidence I will be getting some more. Incredibly crisp sculpts and the miniatures ooze character - especially the Dwarf Mastiff and miner.  I am very much looking forward to painting these.

I am, however, determined to finish the Civil War vignette before I start putting these chaps together. Some landscaping has been done and hopefully we should see some progress before the weekend is out.


  1. Looks like we've both got a new project on the go then! Well done on getting through the inspection, hope you get the report you need to get them at bay for a while.

    1. Alas it's a monitoring visit so they'll be back soon. Is your new project Bloodbowl or have you fallen pray to something else?

  2. This is the second Mantic Games item I've seen today that I am tempted to look into! I am a big fan of dwarves, too, from the first time I read The Hobbit and LOTR back in the late 60s.

    1. I can recommend this quite highly - the miniatures are, as I say, lovely looking. I'll take a couplemofnpictures and stick them up this evening if you want?

    2. I found some pictures online. I have also found some info that indicates 1-5 players, but also 2+, so, being a solo player for 99% of my gaming I have to wonder if the game is suitable for solo play. Does it have good solo options/rules, or is more a case of you can play solo if you don't mind handling both sides or something?
      I'm actually more interested in the game than the miniatures. I have plenty of games with plastic minis and a good-sized collection of painted metal minis I have built up over the decades.

    3. p.s. I will be interested to see what you do with the minis and the game though.

    4. You'd have to handle both sides; but the combat is an opposed rolling off mechanic which I can see working quite well solo :d