Television is rather a frightening business. But I get all the relaxation I want from my collection of model soldiers.
Peter Cushing

Saturday 16 July 2016


The crush that is the end of term means that progress on anything hobby related has been slow. But Saturday Night can only mean one thing - party time!

Yes, watching Deep Space 9 and building toy soldiers. Rock and roll. 

I have finished building the second unit of Norman knights. 

As per usual I converted a couple of the figures to get more dynamic poses. 

The ever popular foot on rock pose reaches the far ages. 

And there is also a casualty marker in the box set. So I added a little something to that as well. 
No guts, no glory. 

Again the Conquest plastics continue to impress. Highly recommended. 

Hopefully I'll be able to slap some paint on them next week. 


  1. Oh how you live! Sounds like the perfect Saturday night to me and I love the conversions. I have a plan to do something similar for my Witchfinder project so will be slipping back here for inspiration when I finally get it to the table.

    1. I keep meaning to have a crack at some more 17th century Witchfinder stuff - which is mainly your fault.

    2. I suppose that there are worse things to be blamed for. ;)

    3. We're teachers. Of course there are :)

  2. Wonderful job, sir Reanimator!

  3. Lovely conversion work. I am hoping to get brave enough to try that myself one day soon :0)

  4. Nice conversion work!
    And, thanks in no small part to your blog posts on the subject, I've dipped my toes back into Blood Bowl (good job I didn't sell my stuff then). Only problem is, is that I've only got half a team (selling all the others off on eBay), so I've had to do a quick purchase while Heresy Miniatures are having a sale. When they arrive, and all painted, I'll have a Necromantic team - 12x Zombies, 2x Ghouls, 2x Wights, 2x Flesh Gholems, 2x Werewolves, 1x Manager, 1x Cheerleader. Then I'd best find a suitable opposition team.

    1. Good to know I've had an impact. Can I recommend Black Scorpion? They do some great resin teams at a phenomenal price.

    2. Yes, I have had a look at those. Only issue I have is I can't figure out how to paint the resin that Black Scorpion uses. I tried on the Marine Girl but the paints just wouldn't cover and evaporated - It was something that I was doing wrong, as Clint [Anything But A One blog] got the rest of my B.Scorp. bits and he's managed to paint them with no problems.
      I've also been looking at the plastic Mantic Dread Ball teams and spotting which could be used for fantasy (as they're sci-fi). Their SHAN-MEEG STARHAWKS (14 figures for £17.99) looks tempting. They'd need to have some hair sculpted on their bald heads and painted to fit BB., but I reckon they could be passed off as Elves.
      Anyway, Necro team first and then tackle the other.

    3. With BS resin I just whacked them With Halfords grey primer. Not found any material yet that won't stick to. Be interested to see what you can do with the Dreadball ones.