Television is rather a frightening business. But I get all the relaxation I want from my collection of model soldiers.
Peter Cushing

Sunday 10 July 2016

Men Of The North

So the Dark Ages project is off to a good start. This terrifies me, frankly, as it means something is going to go horrible wrong somewhere along the line.

In any case, the Saxons are really a sideshow. The core of the project is enough Normans to refight the rebellions of the 1070s and that is going well with the arrival of this box from the magnificent Dice Bag Lady. Fantastic service, a couple of lollies for the kids and great communication. If you haven't ordered from her, you really should.

So the box arrived.

They went together very easily - there's not a huge amount of variation in the poses, but given the cheapness and the ease of converting plastic I'm not going to quibble. Basically, I would recommend the conquest plastics as a great way to build a force swiftly.

As you can see, they paint up very well.

I also converted one of the horses into a more dynamic pose for the lord commander of the Knights.

As previously mentioned, I'm enjoying the latitude allowed by the colours and sigils of the Norman period, so I was able to have a bit of fun with these shields as well.

And I couldn't really resist having a look to see what a charge at a shield wall would look like.

So the next step will be another six Norman knights. Then a few more Saxons; if I have a bit of time left I might do a few Vikings as well. Then next month a big old load of Norman foot troops.


  1. I do love your outlook on life - off to a flying start, something must go wrong! That sounds so much like me.

    1. I thunk it's being a teacher that does it. You're always waiting for the other show to drop.

      Or possibly being an historian.