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Peter Cushing

Sunday 12 July 2015

Obligatory THE BLOG IS NOT DEAD post

I am still alive.

I have played some games.

I haven't touched a paintbrush in weeks.

I haven't had time to read anyone's blogs for weeks, so I apologise for the drop off in comments.

For those people who used to work in education: I've spent the last few weeks writing history schemes of work for two new specifications and a new KS3 Programme. Between research, resourcing and writing that's left naff all time for anything except the occasional boardgame. Summer holidays are a week away, however, so hopefully the blog will come out of hibernation.

As an aside, Roll for the Galaxy is a great game. Review incoming.


  1. I know how it is! My own blogs have seen precious little activity for too long. What little free time and energy I have for hobby stuff has mostly been spent reading, watching videos, and the occasional bit of solo board games and card games. Practically no painting or other miniatures or rpg stuff to report.

  2. The finish line is sight Sir, not long to go and then we shall have plenty of hobby time.

    1. I've reached the counting the hours stage. Hardest year I've ever done: Special Measures is a cast iron sod.

  3. We had three teachers in our family (now retired), a close friend who's also a teacher, and close links with the everyday workings of my old primary school. So I can fully appreciate the job you do.
    I was going to use the old quote from Norman Stanley Fletcher "Don't let the b*st*rds grind you down," but then I remember that's about prison and not the education system :)