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Peter Cushing

Saturday 17 October 2015

Another Brick In The Wall

So today I took the bricks I salvaged when I cannibalised the Bloodbowl dugout in order to complete the main structure of the base. 

As Michael - fellow history teacher that he is - had more or less recognised the general vibe it seems pointless to maintain an air of mystery. We're going for an SF rendition of General Gordon's last stand - hence the stepped structure of the base which should lead the eye to the main figure standing at the top of the steps. 

The purpose of this bit of terrain is to provide a frame for the main figure. There's still some detailing to do but this is where we're at. 

And here is Bridadier Alistair Gordon Leighbridge-Stewart standing in for his ancestor to show scale:

More to come Monday. 

Current cost: £0. 


  1. Excellent concept for the dio Herbert. I can see where you're going to this and it will be nice to watch it come together.