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Peter Cushing

Wednesday 28 October 2015

Jurassic Dork

So having watched a lot - a lot - of dinosaurs over the last few weeks, I felt ready to start on the Carnosaur. 

The basic idea here is that I will use this carnosaur to lead my evil Dragon Rampant force, so I want it to match. 

The original reason, many years ago, that I started with Warhammer Dark Elves was the idea of the Cold One cavalry. So here is one of my old Cold One Knights: 

As you can see, I mixed and matched the  various eras to get the look I wanted. So that is the same basic palette and feel I want bit slightly more complex as we have a larger canvas. 

This is a job for the airbrush. 

It had been lent to the Art Department at work for a year or so an so it took me an hour or so to get it set back up right. In any case, it only took about 10 minutes to get the base coat down. 

The irritating thing about airbrushing, of course, is that your work doesn't show - there's four different coats and colours there. 

Some glazes and washes to come before we start detailing. I'm quite happy with the basic look, I think. 


  1. Fabulous beasties! The airbrush work will pay dividends later.

    1. Hope so. Finished the airbrushing phase this evening, quite happy with the final effect. It's been literally years sinc I last used it.