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Peter Cushing

Monday 18 January 2016

By Your Command

Still chipping away here; currently deep in planning my Dragon Rampant forces. While doing this I have been working on one of my Christmas Presents - the Cylon raider.

This was a very simple build: I decided not to light it as I wanted to concentrate on the painting. So without further ado:

This was my first go with Vallejo air metallics, so I was able to lay down the basecoat and progressive highlights very easy.

Here you can see I've done the pin wash.

One of the interesting problems with this raider is that the CGI model has a sort of 'burnished' look on some panels like this:

 I did this by stippling a black wash over some arease

As there was no LED I painted in the light along with some rough and ready source lighting. 

And a daylight colour test: 

Looking pretty good. Just the weathering and then final shots to do. 

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  1. Nicely done Sir, I was pleasantly surprised with the Vallejo Air metallics myself - I was worried that they might be a bit claggy.