Television is rather a frightening business. But I get all the relaxation I want from my collection of model soldiers.
Peter Cushing

Saturday 9 January 2016

Thank you Dan - and curse you.

A while ago I painted a couple of miniatures for Dan Mersey (  for use in the Dragon Rampant rule book. Today a copy of the rules popped on to my mat, courtesy of the author. I'm also particularly touched that I go a credit for the mini I painted in the book - a totally unnecessary courtesy but hugely appreciated. 

There was also, courtesy of the author/publisher, a copy of En Garde for Musketeer style adventures. Given that I love a bit of swashbuckling this is best surprise present ever. It does, however, mean that my intention not to buy any miniatures this year may have gone out of the window.

This also means that I'll have to watch the Richard Lester Musketeer films again, but that's no hardship. 

In terms of of actual hobby stuff, I built and primed the Raider and I think you will agree she is gorgeous even before painting:

And last but not least, tonight I'll be playing X Wing again and might be fielding this Beast: 


  1. Oh Richard Lester Musketeer films, now there's a plan for Sunday! What a lovely surprise and well done you! Yes, she is gorgeous already. ;)

    1. Alas it will be another day of Octonauts and Thomas the Tank Engine. The Musketeers will have to be my treat on a evening.

  2. The best laid plans....just so many good sets of rules coming out (or due to). Dragon Rampant, though, really is superb!

    1. I adore Lion Rampant so really looking forward to getting to grips with DR.