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Friday 11 March 2016

Mosey into town...

No Western is complete without a town; Big Whisky, Laramie, Dodge or, of course, the grandaddy of them all, Deadwood.

Of course, funds are always tight; so how is one to establish a townstead? 4Ground is, obviously, the best possible choice but oh, my lord, it surely does cost.

I therefore sent smoke signals to the good folks at Sarissa precision; after all, a frontier town will have small buildings. And the Pony Express was as good as its reputation suggested:

A swift construction - they are very easy to slip together - and we have two false fronted buildings. 

A simple slap of watered down paint gives a look which matches quite closely with the descriptions I've been able to find that give you some idea of the colours you would find in the frontier boomtowns. 

Mr Al Swearingen is looking at opening a new business venture. 

There's a handy lookout point from the roof; just the place in which to keep watch over the showdown on the main street. 

I'm overall rather impressed with these; they're not as good as 4Ground but then they're half the price. For buildings to fill out the town they're prefectly satisfactory.

More importantly, we now have enough scenery to make a proper game of Fistful of Lead a possibility, so watch this space. 

....ah, but we're not done yet, are we? For, most important of all, a town needs a name. So what do we call this newly founded township? Any suggestions gratefully received below...


  1. Replies
    1. I'm quite happy with them. Definitely happy for the price!

  2. The buildings look good.
    "Dice happened" is apparently "dado que pasó" in Spanish; maybe a good name for a dry southwestern town? Maybe normally shortened to "Que Pasó" among the locals?

  3. I do quite like that. So O've got three choices: Ratwater, Dado Que Paso and Leone's Gulch.