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Saturday 10 September 2016

A Day At The Races

Having enjoyed thoroughly the rules for Faustus Furius, it was obvious that I would need some chariots. I had a scab around a few places - the Essex chariots looked quite nice, but the price was a little steep. Thankfully, some chaps on the Lead Adventure Forum recommended Outpost Wargames Services.

These fine chaps set me up with 4 chariots for £9.

That four lots of a chariot, a driver and four horses. For £9!

As you can see the sculpts are really nice for 15mm and certainly belie the price.

The only modelling that needed to be done was to create a yoke for the chariot shaft; I did this with some brass rod left over from the masts on the 1/1200 ships.

Once a simple base coat and shade was done...

...the only painting was a quick highlight. And then the finishing touch: using what I've learnt from rigging the 1/1200 ships, I made reins for each if the chariots out of cotton thread.

True story; the classical historian Mary Beard helped me choose the shades of colours for the four teams to match the red, white, green and blue of Caligula's time; as any I, Claudius fan knows, Caligula supported green. So I would like to thank her for taking time out of her Sunday to talk to some random bloke on Twitter about chariot colours. 

I imagine that things will slow down a bit here as the new school year gets in to full swing but do stay tuned; quite a few naval goodies to come next. 

Thanks for reading.  


  1. Ooh, nice. Definitely caught my attention and I'll have to google the rules.

    Some really nice work on the modelling and painting, and I'll be interested to see the posts for this game when you get around to them. Top stuff.

  2. Bargain I think but very nice too. Great paint job

  3. A fitting post for the ben-hur remake!

  4. I've been tempted to do a chariot game for a long long time and your figures look incredible. This might be the final straw.

  5. They look great and such a reasonable price, very nicely painted and strung up!
    Best Iain