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Saturday 3 September 2016

The Glass Cabinet

Many moon ago, I was a member of the Warhammer Forum. There was one subforum in which I spent all my time, The Glass Cabinet. It was by hanging about in there that I more or less learned to paint again after I quit smoking. Although I was never the most prolific poster - I kept losing my login details and re-registering was a real pain - I often spent a long time browsing to learn new techniques and get inspiration.

I was saddened to hear  last month that TWF was dying, but gladdened that the Glass Cabinet was going to live on as a Facebook group which I joined immediately.

One of the first things that was organised was a group paintalong of the free miniature given away with the new White Dwarf; although I'm not a massive fan of GW's current fantasy aesthetic, I decided to join in.

Having decided to use him as single figure unit in my undead Dragon Rampant force, the first thing to do was to remove the obvious chaos markings. I filled in the symbol on the forehead with putty and covered the Khorne symbol on his belly with the skull. This immediately made him look like the Punisher and so suggsted a fairly muted, almost monochrome palette.

With this in mind, I used the same pre-shading as on the Batmobile and the Great Goblin and set out to colour him with washes and glazes.

This was basically a quick, fun project to do while I was waiting for glue to dry on something else so I didn't spend a long time; I did use a couple of Tamiya paints - transparent red for the skirt and smoke for the metal. The sword was done with ink over white.

Overall, quite happy with this for an evening's work. Will base him when I'm basing the chariots which are the next in the queue. 


  1. I really like this one. Lovely job

    1. Thanks Roy. I have to say the new GW sculpt did most of the work for me.

  2. That's a tremendous job, wonderful.

  3. Really nice job there! It's an awkward figure to know what to do but that is really nice.
    I tried to pick up a White Dwarf on Sunday to see what the new format is like and it's sold out already!
    Be interesting to get a review of the new mag too?

    1. It's huge. 148 pages of thick full colour gloss paper. Jam packed with content as well. All Signar and 40k alas - no lord of rings or specialist games. But what is there is great quality and well written. If I played GW games more frequently it would be a must buy.

  4. Nice, I like the sword finish.
    Best Iain