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Peter Cushing

Friday 24 February 2017

The Star Speaker - AoS28

He wanders the realms, trailing scraps of paper covered in strange glyphs. It is said that most cannot read his peculiar script; but those that can are immediately awestruck. Those than can read it read the Truth of the Old Ones, the Truth of the Stars; and they walk away from their homes, from their families, from their loved ones, from their lives to follow this strange prophet who never speaks a word but simply thrusts paper into the faces of those he meets.

This is a first attempt at doing something a bit different with the leftover Lizards that I bought for my son. Similarly to Inq28 there is a current movement afoot to do something similar with Age of Sigmar. I don't find the world of AoS to be anywhere near as interesting or engaging as the Old World of Warhammer or the grim future of 40K. But some of the miniatures are interesting and some of the work  being done under the AoS28 banner is very inspirational.

The build was relatively simple; I took the body of an empire flagellant and replaced the feet with lizard claws. It was then simply a case of kitbashing the other parts. Colour I kept very muddy and indistinct. I painted big stripes of shade and slapped on highlights for the skin to wet blend it. The overall effect is quite pleasing, I think, and substantially different to my usual style.

The pages were simply done on a piece of paper and then cut out. The rope work was done using the skills I developed rigging the Napoleonic Ships

Overall I'm very happy with this chap; I think he oozes character and tells a story all by himself. This, like the Inq28 stuff is something I can see myself exploring a little more. 


  1. You are having way too much fun with these, if that were ever possible! Another wonderful creation.