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Monday 27 February 2017

The Drift [Part IV]: I Need No Eyes To See The Void

"I Need No Eyes To See The Void"

Captain Maxilla tried to still his breathing, coarse and loud in the black. The metal bulkhead against his back was chill. The heat is seeping out in the void, he thought. My ship is dead.

The screams of his crew had stopped. The Void Pirates had finished their sweep, obviously, and would soon start to offload the precious cargo of food. But how could they find us after they killed the lights? The thought was fleeting, but worrying. Right now the darkness was the only cover Maxilla had; is it enough?

Footsteps. Pausing. As though... looking? Maxilla held his breath.

In the flashes of the gunfire Maxilla had time for one final thought: but he has no eyes at all. How did he see me?


When the Arcadia system was closed down, there were still some void ships in the Outer Rim. Although the colonies were fragmented by the Tyranid infestation and cut off from the inner system and The Drift by the Chaos incursion, they did survive. There evolved a complex ecosystem of traders and miners - some of whom were good enough to make the run to the Inner Worlds. And preying upon these were the void pirates, the most feared of which were the Fox Cadre; they had some element of psyker taint, as shown by the fact that most of the their pirates would loose their own eyes in exposure to vacuum as part of the initiation rite to join the crew yet were still able to function effectively in combat. The exact mechanism behind this remains unknown. 

-The History of The Drift, Erasmus Crake, 376.M41.

This was a relatively simple build; the basic chassis was from the Genestealer Acolyte box, with addition of a new head and another bolter for the John Woo two gun feel. The deck plates were made from plasticard.

Painting was very easy as well - using the same dirty technique as with the previous Drift characters this time I borrowed the colour scheme from the Moebius spacesuits from Alien:

Overall, another very satisfying build and painting experience. I have a few ideas for some more of the Void Pirates and a few more ground pounders. But I think next up will be some some more AoS28 fantasy miniatures...


  1. Absolutley brilliant, your conversions all have a unique darkness and sense of desperation and tragedy about them.

    1. Very kind indeed; I'm glad that the mood I'm after is coming across.