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Peter Cushing

Sunday 20 May 2018

The Lost Foundry of Sycorax

The ill-fated expedition to Sycroax set off late in 841. It was expected that transit would take 58 days sidereal. Locating the lost Foundry was estimated to take another 15 days, effecting entry 2. Exploration and mapping 11 days and bringing the astropathic transmitters back on line a further 5 days. Contact was therefore expected within 90-100 days. 

After 120 days with no contact an emergency committee was convened.

After 150 days a servitor probe was dispatched to attempt to make contact with the Explorator Vessel Agamemnon.  

After 200 days the expedition was recorded as lost. 

****     ****

No, I'm not dead. I have been very busy with work so it was largely a choice between painting or keeping the blog up to date. So I do have a few bits and pieces to share. Here's the big one, though - I finished my Adeptus Mechanicus force. This is the first army I've ever completed for any Warhammer game so I'm quite pleased.

The last unit that needed finishing was my second unit of Skitarii. For the purposes of identification on the battlefield I gave them blue as an accent colour as opposed to the red of the other Unit. 

So what's up next? Well, I've entered my first ever painting competition. What was originally a very simple idea has become something much more complex - yes, I'm building another vignette. Two, as it happens. If you want to get an idea of what I have in mind for one of them have a look at a photograph I took a few years ago:

Left Hand of Darkness


  1. Well done! Always satisfying to complete a project. I like the blue skitarii (especially the commander).

  2. Lovely looking troops, that blue works really well!
    Best Iain

  3. Your Adeptus Mechanicus force looks fantastic!