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Friday 1 June 2018

Barak-Eik Expects

Our GW Store is having a painting competition  - as are all the others - and this is the first of my two entries. The full title is, of course, "Barak-Eik expects that every dwarf shall do his duty."

To be honest the main value of it was in helping me lock down the colour scheme for my Kharadron Overlords. 

The deck was made from coffee stirrers:

The dwarf was built more or less from stock, no conversions. 

The zombie pirate, on the other hand, required some fairly serious work. He started as the bog standard zombie from the sprues that are nearly 15 years old. 

The coat started as some tails from a Skitarii, with the upper section, torn sleeves and lapels sculpted from greenstuff:

And the hat was actually made from a disk of greenstuff in pretty much the exact way a real bicorn hat is made. 

Painting wise the KO was painted in a colonial british, East India Company scheme befitting their background as merchant venturers. 

The Barak Eik symbol was based on the EIC symbol.... 

...and then repeated on the deck of the ship

The whole thing was finally stuck to the base using a bit of sprue to get the tilt right.

Overall, another little project that came out exactly how I wanted it. 


  1. Superb! What a great idea for a base.

    1. Thank you sir! Here's to profitable ventures.

  2. Excellent work all around!

    (I often base color schemes on something from the "real" world - historical uniforms, actual animal colors/patterns, and the like - especially when I don't have a good vision of which colors would look good for a particular figure or group of figures. That way I have references to go by, which can be a big help.)

    1. Aye, we are of the same mind. History is the gift that keeps on giving

  3. Huge applause. I love it!!

  4. Great looking dwarf and a super looking zombie!
    Best Iain