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Peter Cushing

Sunday 10 June 2018

The Plague Claw

Deep in the wilds if the Caliburn Fell, past the Morrowvale road, lies the remains of the underminer incursion. The high water mark for the tides of scuttling ratmen, fought off by the free peoples of Stonehollow, is a war machine abandoned deep in the Fens of Gyle. Rumours persist that there is a massive chunk of warpstone still attached, and so many a brave - or foolhardy - adventurer has set off to claim it.

None, so far, have returned. 

After finishing my two entries for my first ever painting competition - as laid out in the previous posts - I needed a little palette cleanser while I decided what project to start next.

The random christmas present from my youngest son was the prefect solution. 

As you may recall I used some chunks of it on a previous project  but there was more or less an entire Plague Claw kit left ot play with - although lacking some crew. And this led to the idea of using it more as a scenic piece. 

Obviously, me being me, I wouldn't just build it stocck, so I raided some clockwork parts and started to add some more cogs and gears to it. 

I went with dark, weathered wood for the frame with lots of iron and brass for weathering later. 

The one crewman I had left I painted in my now usual Pestilens palette which is bascially WW2 German Dunkelgelb, fact fans. 

The base was pretty simple, with lots of liquid paint blending to create depth in the swamp water. 

While this was drying I rigged some hawsers and ropes for the catapult, using the same technique I learned for the Napoleonic ships

And then the whole thing was finally put together. 

I've never collected Skaven but every time I do any work with them I do enjoy it loads. 


  1. Grotesque! And very well done, especially with the added bits that you incorporated seamlessly. Excellent paint job, too!

  2. That is grotesquely brilliant! I can't believe you rigged it too, wow!

  3. Lovely,in an unpleasant way! I'd imagine you'd enjoy skaven,almost nurgleish but different!
    Best Iain

  4. Stunningly beautiful detailed work on this piece!

  5. Damn impressive work. Well done!