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Peter Cushing

Sunday 3 June 2018

Life Finds A Way

My second entry for the painting competition. The brief was the same - two figures fighting on a single base. 

The base was blue foam and polyfilla and the trees were made from various gauges of wire, skinned with tissue dipped in watered down PVA. 

The dryad was posed based on the positioning of the slope, and the liana were formed of thin brass rod, melded into the arms with greenstuff. 

The nurgle daemon had his legs removed and repositioned to have him thrown back. Holes were drilled through his body to allow the liana to burst out of the other side. 

test fit looked good, so we could start painting

The key idea of the base - as with Doctor N R Gull's caravan - was to show the encroaching toxic rot of Nurgle into the woodland the Dryad was trying to defend. 

And so the whole thing was put together.

I am very happy with this. Now we'll just have to see how it does in the competition!


  1. Well it would certainly get my vote - an outstanding piece of work.

  2. Pretty original composition and excellent execution. Well done!

  3. Shades of Groot :)
    Excellent idea and excellent work! The dryad fits in very well with the trees and vegetation, and who can't help but cheer for nature triumphing over such an unnatural foe as that Nurgle demon.

    1. I'd be lying if I said the Groot thing wasn't an inspiration.

  4. Fantastic work ... it looks great!

  5. Lovely work, always nice to see you messing about with Nurgle things!
    Best Iain