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Peter Cushing

Friday 27 July 2018

The Court of the Harrowed King

"His Kingdom lay vast around
Dust and ash and bone;
Shadows curled and drifted 
Where the High King Fell."

Some say he sold his soul for power; others that he sold his people into eternal bondage to save himself. Some say that his fate was a punishment for cowardice, others that it was the cost of vainglory. Whatever the truth, his name is lost to the mists of the Realm of Shadow and now he haunts the ruins of the Sorrowfells with his court in tow. 

The school games club goes from strength to strength: next year we will be running Battle Companies, Kill Team and Age of Sigmar campaigns concurrently. I managed to scab a bit of funding together and bought the Soul Wars box for the school to create a few Skirmish Warbands.

This is the leader of the first, built straight from the box.

Fabulous figure. Really enjoyed painting him. 


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks - but the sculpt did most of the work. The mini is gorgeous but sooo fragile - you can see the join on the arm where I had to reglue it after painting.

  2. Splendid work on that, particularly like the antique metal.

  3. I really like what you did here. Nice choice of colours and even better execution.

  4. These are great figures and you've done a beautiful job on this one.

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