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Peter Cushing

Friday 31 January 2020

Saurman the White

We've been here before. But the new plastic kit of Sir Christopher Lee was too good to resist. 

This kit was painted entirely - apart from the Eye of Sauron in the palantir - with Contrast paints. I used heavily thinned Skeleton Horde in the robes, with unthinned for the darkest recesses, and various whites, blacks and flesh tones.

Like all the recent Middle Earth Kits this was an absolute joy to put together and paint and looks incredibly dramatic on the table. 

The kit also came with a mounted Saruman

From a purely gaming point of view this was something I was sorely lacking as I quite like to run a pack of Warg Riders and having Saruman being able to ride along with them opens up a whole world of possibilities... 


  1. Excellent paint work! I like the variation in "white" colors - it keeps it from being too monotone, but still looks white enough to be Saruman the White.

  2. Well you have done a sterling job on this figure.

  3. Fantastic job on Saruman ...just fantastic!

  4. Oh, I like it! All with Contrast? Wow, I have to give them a try!

    1. They're genuinely fabulous. I did most of my painting with glazes anyway so these basically being thick glazes simplifies things immesnsely.

  5. Very nice! Saruman's robes look fantastic.